About the project

A project with and for Gary Paitre.

AYA – The Awakening

AYA The Awakening is an anticipation sci-fi book for children. It draws the path of a little girl through poetic verses and beautiful illustrations. The book takes you on an adventure where AYA will have to find her courage to defend what she loves and offers the world a second chance.

The story is supposed to be developed in the form of a high quality hardcover physical book as well as an iPad application that you can interact with. Nothing can ever replace the feeling of a book in kid’s hand. The digital story serves as secondary experience which will bring depth and soft interactions with huge attention to details.

The Story

Our world is no more.
 A new era is born from the remains of our civilization. A little girl named Ayä lives with her father in a small rustic village of this new world. Ayä and his people live on the rhythm of nature, in respect and harmony of the elements. But Earth is in suspension and the survival of mankind is precarious. 

At the age of 10, Ayä left for her initiation in the ruins of the old world. There, between gigantic dilapidated buildings covered with vegetation, in the heart of an old destroyed city, shines an entity, a living and vibrant heart of Nature: The Moaï. But while the girl discovers the history of her family and the wonderful powers of natural force, her group is attacked by a horde of Rhöghs, bio mechanical creatures sent by a distant entity that the legend describes as destructive and evil: The Thetys

Despite herself, Ayä is caught in the middle of the attack and her wrist becomes the receptacle of the Moai. Endowed with an immeasurable power that she does not control and who will transform her forever, Ayä leaves her village in order to find help in distant lands. Guided by the symbol in the palm of her hand and the rumour of a people capable of repelling the creatures who chase her, Ayä understands that she is not a victim and that the Moai chose her wisely. Throughout her adventure and encounters, the girl will discover that she carries a chance: changing the world and giving it back the sparkle of life it was waiting.

The Team

Gary Paitre: Story
Natalie Dombois:

Lylian: Story 
Cedric Conti: Music